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For over 15 years our team has worked with companies across all industries, creating expert techniques to improve the performance of leaders and employees and resolving unidentified issues that impact an organization’s performance and growth.


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Do you have underperforming employees? Difficulty attracting and retaining people? An organization’s success is often determined by the performance of its employees and effectiveness of its teams. For 15 years CMax Advisors has worked hand-in-hand with leaders to pinpoint employee performance and team effectiveness issues, creating customized approaches to not only improve performance but also increase profits.

We deliver to our clients in 5 ways:

Assessing leadership strengths and weaknesses through individualized coaching, effectively improving performance of executives, managers and supervisors

Gauging culture and implementing strategies to increase its health

Creating strong strategies to quickly and effectively address performance issues
Analyzing HR policies and procedures, pinpointing ways to mitigate risk
Improving the number of candidates for open roles and the quality of candidates hired


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
MES has worked with CMax for many years now. We have been satisfied with the multiple ranges of services provided by them from recruitment, success factors & various training programs…all with great results. The best asset CMax brings is their ability to spend time understanding our team dynamics, our needs as an organization, and our culture to help in our growth goals.
Heenah Shah

MES - Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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