We have a strong pipeline of accounting and legal professionals. We have substantial knowledge in those industries and can find candidates for roles that are difficult to fill. Disciplines we focus on:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Attorneys
    • Partners & Shareholders
    • Junior & Senior Associates
    • Of Counsel & Contractors
  • Paralegals & Legal Assistants
    • Full-time & Temporary

Getting Started:

We work with clients in a variety of ways and minimal commitment is needed to get started: Accounting and Finance Recruiting please contact Steve Gerity at Legal Recruiting please contact Kristi Chapman at

At CMax, we use a thorough approach to understand the needs of the role and determine the ideal profile. By providing perspective on the types of candidates available and the cost to recruit them, we can tap into our network and contact passive job seekers to develop a deep candidate pool. From that thorough search, we conduct two interviews, including face-to-face, prior to bringing our recommendations to you, the client.

We don’t overwhelm our clients with resumes hoping one of them is a fit. We take time to understand the role, provide perspective on the cost for specific skill-sets and provide solutions to help clients add a highly qualified candidate that will add value to their organization for several years.

  • Strengths – Every candidate is unique. We get to know our candidates to understand their core strengths that make them marketable to potential employers.
  • Long-term career goals – A job change must meet several short term factors in addition to accomplishing the candidate’s long-term career goals. We place as much emphasis on the long-term goals to ensure a great long-term career fit.
  • Culture Fit – Culture can be an ambiguous term and defined differently by hiring managers and job seekers. We add substance and structure to assessing the desired culture and the factors that will impact your job satisfaction the most.
  • Integrity – We are honest and professional. We are always transparent when communicating with clients and candidates.
  • Quality – if a candidate or client is not happy, we are not happy. We stay in contact throughout the first year of the candidate’s employment to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Relationships – Our success is dependent on establishing long-term relationships. A candidate or client may not be interested or ready to work with us right now. We understand that and will continue to build the relationship to add value when needed.
Man in Suit with Coffee

Our Approach

We provide our clients with several options to help them attract and hire great people to their organization:

Contingent Recruiting
Clients can opt to pay a standard fee for the candidate they hire based on a percentage of the candidate’s salary. We identify top candidates and only require payment if the candidate we refer is hired.
Subscription Recruiting
Through a monthly fee, we guarantee that our client will have a qualified employee in the desired role for at least a year. If the role becomes open during the year for any reason, a new candidate is provided at no additional cost.
Retained Recruiting
Clients pay us an up-front fee to target a specific need within their organization and we create a clear strategy to identify candidates who are a great fit. We regularly communicate progress and ensure our client’s satisfaction.