Workforce Development

Why Invest In Your Workforce?

Investing in your workforce leads to tangible and intangible benefits. Organizations who invest in their workforce experience the following benefits:

  • Attract better talent – high performing people want to work with other high performers
  • Improved team performance – employees deliver higher quality of work with better efficiency
  • Leaders who are more strategic; less involved in completion of day-to-day tasks and deliverables

When entrepreneurial companies begin to grow they face a common challenge. They’ve made it this far by being lean, adaptive, and flexible. But as companies grow the skills and capabilities they need to compete change and employees (a higher number of employees than before) change. While some employees remember when you implemented Program X, others weren’t there. Growing organizations need to begin adding structure and investing in their workforce. But where do you start? And what do you do?

CMax Advisors’ proprietary Workforce Development Framework gives organizations a structure to assess and prioritize their workforce development investments. In today’s fast changing environment all organizations, regardless of size and regardless of industry, must:

  • Attract critical talent
  • Align their talent to their strategy
  • Develop their employees
  • …and after all that investment, organizations must retain their talent.

We use an efficient but thorough process to evaluate the workforce development practices of your organization. We obtain and review documents, procedures, and approaches used by your organization to recruit, develop, align and retain employees. We then conduct interviews with your leaders to understand how those practices are applied throughout your organization.

Once we have an understanding of your workforce development practices, we create a customized survey which is distributed to all employees. This helps us understand your employees’ awareness of these practices and the consistency of workforce development programs and practices throughout your organization. We can also start to assess the effectiveness of those programs.

We analyze the survey results and provide a personalized workforce development plan which includes relevant tools and programs to develop employees and teams. These tools can be used to improve the performance of your workforce and the financial results of your organization.

Workforce Development

Getting Started

Workforce Development Assessments are typically completed within 3-5 weeks and requires a minimal time commitment from your team. You can request an assessment by contacting Tim Davis at