As springtime approaches we will soon forget about the cold and windy winter that just breezed through Columbus. What never ceases to amaze me is that so many of us stay in Columbus despite the tough winters that seem to reoccur every year. For those three months we slip on the ice on the sidewalk and slowly suffer in our cars as we get stuck behind a salt truck.

So why do we suffer through it? For me, quite simply, the winters are a small price to pay for everything Columbus offers. We have nice parks, great neighborhoods, and a community feel. We have world-class restaurants, a range of activities, professional and college sports, and destination shopping centers as well. We have all the things that make the greatest cities in America great, without a lot of the problems that come with them. Yes, we have traffic and crime and pollution, but it seems to be less than other big cities.

There is a wide range of lifestyle options in Columbus too. If you want to experience the traditional city scene with all types of people and cultures, you can go downtown and visit areas like the Short North. When you want to escape the city and visit a family owned farmers market or pumpkin patch, you can drive 20 miles in any direction and find one. If you want to get out of town and explore, we are a weekend trip away from some of the greatest destinations in the world.

But the biggest reason I love Columbus is the people. Many of the people that live here are from here, and with that they carry a sense of concern and pride for their hometown. The sentiment of Midwestern values runs deep here also. People are hard-working, honest, trustworthy, and care about their friends and neighbors. I believe you will find a higher concentration of these types of people in Columbus more than in any other big city in the world. As the Managing Director of an HR Consulting firm, Columbus offers a range of quality people who want to work hard and do a good job for their employer. In many ways Columbus makes my job easier because of this, but it also makes it the most satisfying as well.