Move over Austin and Seattle; Columbus is well on it’s way to becoming one of the coolest cities in America. National Geographic recently published this fantastic article on, “Why All the Cool Kids Love Columbus”, and it was ranked by Money as one of the best cities for millennials to work. Despite these accolades, Columbus still humbly earns its nickname as the Biggest Small Town in America. Here are my top 5 reasons why Columbus is a great place to live and work:


1. The future.

Columbus just beat out 77 other cities to become the Transportation Department’s “Smart City”. Equipped with $140 million, our growing city will become one of the first cities with self-driving busses, cars that communicate with streetlights, and electric charging stations on the street. The future of Columbus infrastructure is about to drive the future of American cities, and that’s pretty cool to get to be a part of.


 2. The job opportunities.

Columbus is unique in that it is home to many huge corporations- Nationwide, Cardinal Health, L Brands- but is also ranked highly by Forbes under the best cities for entrepreneurs to make their mark. Local boutique shops and businesses flourish in Columbus; if you’ve ever been to the Short North, you know what I’m talking about.


3. The food (but mostly, the coffee).

Columbus food is incredible; I’ve explored just about everywhere in the Yelp top 50 reviews. If you’re new to Columbus or visiting, I’d definitely recommend Columbus Food Adventures as a way to check out entire neighborhoods of edibles at once. You aren’t a true Buckeye until you’ve browsed North Market, had pancake balls from Katalina’s, or devoured some bizarre combination of ingredients in a Jeni’s ice cream cone. Aside from the food, Columbus is a haven for coffee-loving hipsters of all kinds. One of the most instagrammed places as of late is Fox in the Snow in Italian Village. Some other favorites are Mission Coffee, Winan’s, and The Roosevelt.


4. The abundance of entertainment.

Columbus is home to over 30 microbreweries, trendy bars, and plenty of rooftop patios lined with strings of party lights for summer nights. We’re home to major sports teams from the Buckeyes and Bluejackets to the Crew and the Clippers. Every year we have the Pride Festival, ComFest, the Food Truck Festival, Columbus Arts Festival, and Red, White & Boom. Additionally, the first Saturday of each month boasts the Short North “Gallery Hop” in which local artists and restaurants show off their feats. Basically, it’s impossible to find a night where there’s nothing going on around our city.


5. The people.

Lastly, what makes Columbus so great is our community. YOU make Columbus a great place to work and live. When asking my coworkers what they like most about Columbus, all of them said that it was a city that doesn’t feel like a city. We’re true to our midwestern values and always willing to lend a hand to neighbors and friends. We’re a city of intelligent, driven, creative people who make Columbus an inspiring place to live and work.