Within any organization there are certain positions that are harder to fill than others.  Whether it’s due to a limited talent pool with the specific skill set needed, or a lack of awareness about the position, there are tactics that can be employed to assist in the talent search:

Explore Niche Career Groups and Online Communities – Oftentimes there are trade associations or niche business communities that present a good opportunity to publicize a hard-to-fill position.

Widen your talent search by focusing on the most important skill or trait you want in your employee – Instead of searching for the unique candidate who meets a specific set of qualifications, evaluate a wider range of candidates who possess the single most important skill or requirement needed.

Expand your business profile to gain awareness – Use platforms like Linkedin to maintain an online presence, and consider joining relevant trade associations and business organizations.

Contact passive candidates – Develop a list of candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position and contact them to determine their interest in exploring a new role.