The unemployment rate in February was 4.9% remaining at the lowest level since 2008. As a result, many organizations are having difficulty hiring qualified candidates to fill critical open positions. Organizations can follow three approaches to hire great employees.

Understand what makes your organization special: Each organization is unique and provides employees with a variety of benefits. Talk with your current employees to identify the factors that make your company special. Consider asking specific questions like, “what 5 words would you use to describe our culture” or “how is our company’s culture different from your last employer.” Find words and phrases that could create an emotional hook for a candidate.

Discuss your culture with the interview team: During the job interview, candidates are evaluating organizations and assessing how they would fit with the existing culture. It is important to deliver a consistent message that is accurate and easily understandable to candidates. Don’t sugar coat it – if employees work long hours to complete their work, include that in the message but also highlight some of the benefits the employees receive as a result of their hard work. Providing a clear view of the culture of the organization will allow candidates to make informed decisions and lead to hiring decisions that result in longer retention and better performance.

Take Initiative to Find Candidates: We often hear companies complaining about the difficulty in finding candidates for open roles. The unemployment figures suggest that the number of out-of-work individuals seeking new positions is extremely low. However, all industries have a significant number of workers who are open to new opportunities. Whether they are employees who are unhappy with their current employer or individuals who are looking for a better opportunity, candidates exist for all roles. Be innovative and committed to find great candidates to fill the critical roles in your organization. Consider improving your employee referral program, partnering with schools and non-profit organizations or using a third party to build your talent bench.