Our world has become so hyper-focused on ‘niche’ we now have specialty stores that only carry spices. No longer is a standard coffee grind that Folgers gives us, adequate. We require French press, pour-over, Chemex and coffee-pod grind options. In this overly specialized world, hiring managers are following trends – seeking specialized candidates who have the exact skills needed for the position instead of taking a more wholistic approach

Companies are seeking candidates who can make an immediate impact on their first day of employment, neglecting to consider what intrinsic long-term impact a candidate can provide. And a candidate who will require a learning curve? They are often not even considered, despite having transferrable experience and demonstrated ability to grasp new concepts.

We continue to advise clients to hire candidates with transferrable skills who display long-term potential. Those who grasp concepts quickly, demonstrate initiative, develop solutions to complex problems and have a strong work ethic often become future leaders. They often out-perform those “more desirable” candidates who have the ideal work experience in the moment.

Evaluating a candidate’s potential is more difficult than determining the right skills and experience. Our clients value our opinion and perspective to help them evaluate potential and identify transferrable skills. For true success in retention and growth, we encourage hiring managers to evaluate which candidate will be the best fit for the role and the organization in 1-2 years. This will almost always lead to a better hiring decision.