Improving Employee Performance

The profitability of most companies is directly linked to employee performance. Maintaining high employee performance throughout an organization requires a strong commitment from leaders and an effective framework to hold employees accountable and reward performance. Because every company is different, we create easy-to-implement, customizable programs for every project we oversee. Methods to measure the impact of our work are provided, all while gaining the trust and support of the client’s stakeholders.

Every CMax consulting project includes the following key steps:

  1. Recognizing our client’s objectives and defining what project success will look like
  2. Crafting an approach based on key objectives and client feedback to finalize a project plan
  3. Determining implementable methods and metrics to measure the impact of the project
  4. Removing barriers and resolving issues to accomplish the goals of the project
  5. Consistently communicating the status of the project
  6. Presenting tangible, measurable results to the client at the end of the project

The majority of our projects generally occur within one of the following categories:

  • Individual coaching programs to improve a specific performance gap or addressing behaviors detrimental to the success of an employee
  • Customized supervisory and leadership programs that lead to enriched team dynamics
  • Review of organization structures, roles, responsibilities and processes for completing work
  • Creation of performance evaluation models for employees
  • Culture and engagement initiatives that improve team morale and increase productivity
  • Retention programs that reduce employee turnover
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Our Approach

CMax takes an analytical approach to measure employees performance within an organization.
Our projects are typically completed using one of the following approaches:

Time and Material Engagements
An initial estimate of the project cost and the time required to complete the work is determined. Under this approach, all services are billed based on the time incurred by our consultants.
Fixed Fee Engagements
A cost to complete the work is quoted based on the scoped defined by the client. The cost of the project does not change unless the project scope is changed. Project milestones are created and clients are billed a portion of the overall project cost once each milestone is completed.