CMax for Small Business

Support for Small Business Owners

What if you were able to obtain one more client or take on one more project that inspires you while decreasing your overall workload? Small business owners are stretched in many directions and often spend a significant amount of time completing administrative tasks that they do not enjoy, nor have the skill set to complete effectively. CMax Small Business Advisors minimize these challenges by providing solutions that make sense for your growing business.

We are small business experts and our services are priced with a small business budget in mind. We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by completing their administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on their goals. Our team of experts often knows the needs of a small business owner before they do and create solutions that lessen stress and bring peace of mind.

  • We are relatable and understand the issues facing small businesses
  • We treat our client’s business like our business
  • We collaborate with reliable partners in critical areas like legal, marketing, and taxes
  • Confidential information is safe with our trusted advisors

We can handle all of the administrative tasks of a small business, including the following:

  • Small business accounting and bookkeeping services. In addition to quarterly financial statements we provide cash updates through semi-monthly cash reporting. We can also complete time-consuming transactional tasks like making deposits, check writing, creating bills and making collection calls.
  • Personal assistant service and referral networking. We can perform research of competitors and make calls to prospects. We’ll also Identify vendors, software and other solutions to reduce your ongoing administrative needs.
  • Our small business advisors guide clients through the payroll process. We offer affordable payroll services that includes quarterly payroll taxes and W-2 reporting.
  • We provide Marketing services such as Social Media content creation, Social Media Marketing plans, Social Media Administration, and Graphic Design. We also provide Website Design services and SEO management.
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Our Approach

We partner with our small business clients and offer affordable solutions to address their administrative needs. Each business owner is assigned a CMax Small Business specialist who will ensure all administrative tasks are completed and anticipate future needs. We help entrepreneurs succeed through:

Understanding Goals
We work with the small business owner to create monthly goals and help them stay on track to complete those goals.
Consistent Communication
Our CMax Small Business specialist meets with each small business owner routinely to provide status updates and identify other needs.
Building Trusting Relationships
We are there for our clients by developing solutions when unexpected issues arise.
Strategic Support
Small business owners facing a key strategic decision receive free consultation from experienced entrepreneurs who can provide them with unique perspective.

CMax for Small Business Make a Difference Program

Does your small business have what it takes to be apart of the CMax for Small Business Make a Difference Program? Apply Here