The competition for talent has become fierce – even the best organizations struggle to find candidates with the desired skills, background and experience. Many organizations partner with recruiting agencies to find highly marketable candidates in specialized fields. Organizations who choose to build their own talent pipeline develop a sound strategy and have consistent effort by the leaders of an organization and use Job Postings, Social Networking, Websites and Referral Programs. Companies can consider a couple of innovative strategies to increase their ability to add talented workers.

Leaders and hiring managers can actively attempt to expand their network. Use LinkedIn to reach out to other professionals and attend networking events to build new relationships. Once a connection is made, follow up with the individual and maintain contact with them. Leaders who consistently expand their network will have a deeper pool of candidates to contact to consider when trying to fill an open role.

When a talent shortage exists in a desired field, innovative organizations change their selection and hiring approach to hire candidates who can provide long-term value. By hiring candidates with transferable skills who display long-term potential, organizations can add employees who grasp concepts quickly, and develop the desired skills. These employees often out-perform those “more desirable” candidates who have the ideal work experience in the moment.